Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Teaching in a New Networked World

As I've mentioned previously I am not a formal educator. I am not in a classroom, although I have done a lot of informal education. Through reading lots of blogs it is apparent that there is a broad range of skill levels out there as it relates to utilizing technology in school districts and classrooms. It seems there is no question that all districts and educators need to jump on the bandwagon as quickly as possible or they are going to be left in the dust. As many have said today's students are technology savvy and we need to be on our game and we need to provide them with all the tools they need to function in the workplace of the future. I think districts are going to need to devote money and resources into allowing ample time for teachers to become knowledgeable in integrating technology into their curriculum. It has the potential of really engaging students in their educational experience. This is an exciting time to be an educator but I'm sure there are many who are more than a little intimidated and maybe a little frustrated because their days are already full and now they need to find time to develop new methods to deliver curriculum in order to utilize the powerful tools that are available.

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